Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria to Send Bulk SMS 247

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We don’t just provide the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria, our service is equally reliable to send bulk SMS 247 with swift delivery. You can find our prices below.

1 Units – 1000 Units ₦2.00
1001 Units – 10000 Units ₦1.90
10001 Units – 100000 Units ₦1.85
100001 Units – 1000000 Units ₦1.80

DND Route: 2.8 units are deducted per SMS.


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Finding the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria amongst all bulk SMS solutions providing bulk SMS 247 isn’t an easy task.

To send SMS online is the way to go in this current dispensation. You just need to know how to send bulk text messages to flow with the tide and to have a great experience this must be done on the best bulk SMS site in Nigeria.

Thousands of SMS can be sent at the click of a button. You can send bulk SMS to Nigeria numbers and thousands of recipients will receive under few seconds. This is by far better than the conventional way of sending SMS through mobile phones which then receive your bulk SMS within Nigeria and beyond.

Bulk SMS Nigeria has brought solutions to the SMS needs of almost every area of life. Many are researching relentlessly on how to create a bulk SMS website and how to become a bulk SMS service provider because of the cool cash you can make from it.

This is why bulk SMS reseller business in Nigeria is on the increase and many bulk SMS dealers in Nigeria are ready to give their SMS API for those starting a bulk SMS reseller business in Nigeria to connect their website and use their SMS gateway service.

Megrich Mobile Marketing portal prides in providing the most reliable and cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria as several Nigerians who are looking for low price bulk sms providers eventually make this portal their choice.

Our bulk SMS service gives you a platform to send SMS online. You need Megrich Mobile text messaging service for business.

We are one of the few SMS solutions that provide a quality and premium bulk SMS 247. Our complete mobile marketing portal meets all your SMS needs to send bulk SMS 247.

Click here to learn how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria.


When looking for a reliable bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria, you need to make sure they provide complete SMS solutions with the following features:

  • They should be one of the providers of the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria. You can get the lowest bulk SMS rate in Nigeria from the cheapest bulk SMS website in Nigeria.
  • Bulk SMS delivery should not be time dependent. That is you should be able to send bulk SMS 247.
  • Apart from being one of the cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria, they should infact most importantly, be reliable. Reliability is actually the main reason you are sending SMS anyway. Any website where you send SMS that don’t get delivered to your recipients is not a good one for you. Send express bulk SMS from this portal and say bye to delivery failure.
  • Should be a complete mobile marketing portal for you to do just more than bulk SMS. I mean you should be able to send personalized SMS, do Shortcode and callertunes business etc. These are other bulk SMS solutions that make a bulk SMS website complete.
  • Should provide free SMS Gateway API for you to connect your applications and website for bulk SMS resellers.
  • To send SMS online or receive SMS online, one should be able to schedule messages for later delivery. This is one of the features that helps you send bulk SMS 247 even while sleeping. It’s is one of the most important and our clients have been enjoying this. You may have an SMS that you want to deliver at a later time, e.g a birthday SMS that you may want to be sent at 12am. You shouldn’t need to stay awake till 12am to achieve that, just schedule your messages to deliver at 12am, go to bed and our portal will do the rest of the job for services.Megrich Mobile Bulk SMS Service

Megrich Mobile Bulk SMS Service

Any bulk SMS website who prides to be the most reliable and cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria to send bulk SMS 247 should have bulk SMS solutions for all the above SMS services.

Megrich mobile is a place where you can find all these and more.  In case you are so new to this that you do not even know how to do bulk SMS registration in Nigeria .

You can open a bulk SMS account with us, and it is free. You will be surprised to see the various awesome features we have for you. For normal users, we have no minimum purchase volume. You can buy 1unit. We provide the cheapest bulk sms to all our users and resellers.

Learn in few simple steps how to do that and get yourself registered on You will get 3 units to send free bulk sms in Nigeria to all networks which includes MTN Nigeria Bulk SMS.



At Megrich Mobile we believe in the irresistable power of connectivity that SMS Tools provides a business. Our Bulk SMS Platform allows you to send SMS to MTN DND numbers.

You can also send Personalized Bulk SMS. Meaning, you can mention each client’s name in the text he gets.


When it comes to Bulk SMS Nigeria, we provide the most reliable and cheapest service.


Providers of the Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria should equally provide quality and reliable Bulk SMS Service and that’s why Megrich Mobile is here for you.

Check our SMS portal and enjoy features such as SMS Campaign, voting, Polls, etc on our complete mobile marketing and all in one platform.

We also provide a robust reseller’s package which enables you to have your own website like ours and manage your clients yourself, provide SMS services to them and charge them at your own prices. Our portal is especially most relevant in Bulk SMS Nigeria.

You’ve never had a better Mobile Marketing Experience Elsewhere as we remain the most reliable and cheapest

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